Extraordinary People is CBS12’s newest segment hosted by Emily Pantelides,

honoring the people in our community who dedicate their time and talent

to making Palm Beach County remarkable.

Extraordinary People

Robi Jurney

Katie Nunez

Tracy Benson

John Grimes

Dr. Evangeline Aguirre

Sandra DeLuccia

David Cowan

Lynette Reback

Jeri Caprio

Grant Portier

Lynne Barletta

Janice Norman

Charles Bender III

Punk Bunny Fashion

Sharon Dipetro

Sara Trovinger

Paula Ryan

Jay Zeager

Lynelle Chauncey Zelner

Rick Opton

Julia Murphy

Jack E. Lighton

Ashley Taylor

Sophia Stone

Pam Avalos

Raymond Clerie

Allen Trowbridge

Gary Lesser

Dr. Thomas Saylor

Bairbre Flood

Kay Won Taylor

Owen O'Neal

Alicia Zweig

Melissa Nash

Joshua Daniel

Courtney Stafford Hickey

Edna W. Runner

Buck Martinez

Maude Eaton

Joseph P. Landy

Do you want to recognize an extraordinary person in Palm Beach County? Send us an email and tell us why!